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Clinical Joint Manipulation Therapist

Jim is a Clinical Joint Manipulation Therapist and a Research Scientist in skeletal muscle mass and obesity composition (Both these tissues are used as body markers for disease and health), a Sports Scientist, a registered Joint manipulation Therapist (Phys) (LCSP registered) with background in Osteopathic Techniques training and remedial masseur and a registered Neuro-Muscular exercise therapist and advanced Personal Training instructor. He has worked for over 10 years as a freelance Clinical joint manipulation therapist and remedial masseur and Neuro muscular exercise specialist treating Doctors and Nurses from University College Hospital for lower back pain, knee pain and shoulder malfunction and patients with conditions ranging from sprains , strains whiplash, fibromyalgia, joint pain, osteoarthritis to diabetes.

Jim also worked for 4 years in one of London’s leading fitness clubs (Fitness First – black label) as a freelance Clinical Joint manipulation therapist and advance exercise specialist treating clients suffering from postural injury, lower back pain, knee joint, hip joint, shoulder and ankle pain. He also treated clients suffering with muscle strain and sprains as well as overuse and underuse injury.

Jim achieved a Diploma in Osteopathic Techniques. He then went on to earn a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Science. Jim’s interest in anatomy and the function of Skeletal Muscle Mass and Obesity and how their imbalance may have a negative impact on the body, a main instigator of Joint dysfunction, brain misfiring, non-communicative diseases (diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia) and a major cause of back pain in a majority of cases, led him to undertake a MSc, Masters degree in Bioscience Research. Jim is currently pursuing his Doctorate, PhD research in measuring changes in the balance between skeletal muscle mass and fat mass. Both these tissues may be used a marker as they are sensitive to inactivity injuries, prolonged sitting injuries, poor nutrition and non-communicative diseases.

Jim is also a registered Joint Manipulation therapist (Phys) (LCSP), registered Level 4 back pain and Joint pain treatment specialist, a Level 3 advanced Personal Trainer and Level 3 Nutritional Management Advisor. Jim’s Bioscience master degree and other degrees have provided him with the tools to apply techniques to manage and treat Metabolic chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions using joint adjustments, nutrition, neuromuscular exercise specific techniques.