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At Manual Treatment and Physical Medicine a combination of treatments are provided by the Clinical Joint Manipulation therapist: Joint Manipulation (Osteopathic Technique), gentle Joint mobilization, Trigger Point Therapy (similar to Acupressure), Neuro-Muscular exercise therapy (for joint pain), myofascial release techniques, muscle energy techniques, oscillatory rhythmical limb movements and Medicinal Deep Tissue Massage with rehabilitation exercises. These treatment techniques relieve pain and restore damage tissues to their normal condition; they also improve the quality of blood supply and nerve impulses around the body as well as promote health and fitness.

We also believe that at Manual treatment and physical medicine our commitment to your treatment, health and fitness will go beyond what you have encountered in the past. Our core belief is that no one discipline can resolve the ailments that the body encounters. Our multi-disciplinary approach differs from many others because we look to encourage the patient to take part in their own recovery and healing process. By providing the patient with basic advice on how their specific body’s Biochemistry is linked to nutrition, our patients and clients are further reminded to buy organic nutrition. By using organic nutrition as a BIOCHEMICAL MEDICINAL tool, the patient can enhance and speed up their recovery. This holistic approach has proved very successful for many of our patients and clients suffering from mobility problems, joint pain, migraine, Type 2 Diabetes, High blood pressure, Metabolic disorders, overweight and obesity. It also benefits injuries induced by poor posture adopted following long periods of desk work and car driving activities.


  • -repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • -whiplash
  • -Sciatica
  • -Lower back pain
  • -upper back pain
  • -Stiff neck
  • -Sports injuries
  • -Overuse injuries
  • -Muscle and Tendon strains
  • -Work related strains
  • -Shoulder pain and Scapulo-thoracic malfunction
  • -Cervical pain
  • -Headaches
  • -Hip and thigh pain/injuries
  • -Knee pain and swelling
  • -Shin pain
  • -Ankle strains and sprains
  • -Foot pain
  • -plantar fasciitis
  • -asthma
  • -arthritis
  • -period pain

Consultation (normal price £25 and Neuromuscular skeletal realignment therapy Price £85 for one full hour)

Included in your Treatments:

• Full medical case history
• Work and physical activity or inactivity
• Cardiovascular health
• Gastrointestinal health (e.g. how frequency bowel emptying occurs per day)
• Neurological health
• Respiratory health
• History of allergies or food intolerance

Osteopathic techniques £85 (full one hour treatment)

Includes consultation
• Joint manipulation techniques (gentle release to free up nerves)
• Joint mobilisation
*Applies to recommended clinical joint manipulation therapist

Trigger point therapy £85 (full one hour treatment)

Similar to acupressure
Included in your treatment:
• Muscle energy techniques
• Counter strain techniques

Medical Deep Tissue Massage £85 including consultation £25 (60 minutes)

Included in your treatment:
• Fascial sliding massage
• Fascial mobility
• Myofascial stretch
• Remedial massage

Neuromuscular activation £85 (full one hour treatment)

Includes specific dose-response exercise for specific conditions
• Sit to stand intervention
• Specific isometric exercise
• Specific isotonic exercise
• Fast stretch soft tissue manipuation
• Compound exercise

Lecture on spinal pain and degeneration and joint and muscle pain link to Gut and intestines health £30 per person (full one hour lecture)

The lecture helps re-educate people and patients on how best to take control of their health and tips on Biochemical nutrition
• Takes place at planet organic Saturday morning 22 Torrington place WC1 7HJ

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Intermittent fasting and Biochemical nutritional program £75 per program (for patients on Mechanical treatment program. However, those not on the Mechanical program it is £85 per program)

assessment of your biochemical nutrients
• Questionnaire
• Nutritional program (biochemical nutrients specific to your Metabolic type)
• call in slots are £30 per 20 min slot. Each slot will cover only breakfast, 
  separately per 20 min slot per week, Lunch per 20 min slot per week
  and Dinner per 20 min per week. please note: these slots are only available to those patients
booked in currently on our clinic program

At the first consultation, the Clinical joint manipulation therapist will compile a full case history of your symptoms, as well as ask questions about your lifestyle and diet. The Clinical Joint Manipulation therapist may also observe you making some simple movements to help them make a diagnosis. * All patients will be asked to dress appropriately for their examination and treatment of spine and limbs and will be reminded that if they wish they may bring a chaperone.